25 Lipiec 2022

Today let’s talk about quite frequent fishing from the shore, as well as from the boat. I’m talking about guiding the rubber lures in the descending technique in shallow waters. What I mean by the “shallow water”, is that it’s not exceeding 1.5 m.


Very often I’m reaching the reservoirs, where promising spots turn out to be quite shallow. Most anglers avoid such places and look for deeper water with a more varied bottom. I like such behavior a lot, because then it’s time for me to come with my "RELAXES". I caught a lot of large fish in such shallow spots during the summer, or early autumn, and let me tell you, that catching zanders in this type of water is one of the best things that can happen to you.

As usual, the choice of the rod depends on your preferences. It is important that you feel the rod in your hand and the lure in the water. By having the possibility of fishing with more than thirty rods, which were variously suitable for zanders, I have drawn some conclusions that I can share with you.

My criteria:

- X-fast action

- strong lower section of the rod

- sensitive tip

- small grommets

- short handle

- maximum length of 2.4 m

- cw: 5-25 or 10-35

These are some of the most important aspects that are worth paying attention to at the beginning. I often hear a different opinion from the experienced anglers, but after grabbing some of my fishing rods, they start to change their minds. Of course, it’s a topic for a longer discussion and it depends on your preferences, but I recommend fishing with such equipment, because it allows us to increase the number of cut and caught fish.

A reel of the size of 2500-3000 is enough.

The braid I have been using for some time is Hardcore 8x Pro. I will define the thickness very relatively because each brand measures it differently. A diameter from 0.10mm to 0.14mm is perfectly suited here. Thus, taking into account the endurance, I’m thinking of 9-12 kg. I am not a fan of sophisticated hauling or the delicate cutting of zanders. I like when there is a certainty. Choosing the suitable line to the set is of great importance here. A well-chosen set will allow us to throw a short rod over long distances without the need to use long rods, which I personally do not like. For me, a short rod is a precise and determined fishing, and thus more fun. We must remember to precisely wind the braided line on the spool of the reel. First of all, the undercoat should be made of 

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